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CompTIA Troops to Tech Careers

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After obtaining my CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+ and CompTIA Security+ certifications, I was set up with excellent employment opportunities.

— Samuel Davis
U.S. Army veteran
New Horizons - Orlando student

Commit to Hiring Qualified Veterans

There are three main components to the program: Learning, Certification and Employment. Companies that are interested in supporting the Troops to Tech Careers Program are asked to participate in the Corporate Registry. The Corporate Registry is a list of companies and organizations that are willing to prioritize the hiring of veterans, which completes the loop for the veteran on their path to a new IT career.

Why Join?

  • Access to a skilled and talented workforce
  • Support for our military veterans
  • Visibility via Listing
  • Visibility in Troops to Tech Careers resources
  • Press and social media exposure

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